Quality Materials Yield Flawless Results

Order sustainably harvested wood in Windham, ME and beyond

No matter what you're building, you'll need quality materials to ensure stunning results. That's where Mountainside Exotic Wood comes in. We have a selection of Costa Rican wood for sale in the Windham, ME area.

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  • Unlike traditional pressure-treated lumber, our wood selection is truly one of a kind. Each slab keeps the natural knots and grooves of the tree, giving our wood more character than what you can find in other lumber stores.

    Why choose Mountainside Exotic Wood?

    Tree harvesting in Costa Rica is highly monitored by the local government to reduce deforestation and the illegal sales of exotic wood. All of our wood comes from trees that no longer have a positive impact on the environment. Removing one of these trees allows for a new tree to grow in its place allowing for new rainforest growth.

    Our supply of Central American wood for sale is cut and milled in the rainforests of Costa Rica. The wood is then slabbed, air-dried and put through a kiln drying process to ensure a quality and stable product for both the craftsman and consumer. We have a large variety of boards that can be used for many construction and woodworking projects.

    We have a showroom open daily at Seacoast Adventure and a warehouse with additional inventory that is only available by appointment. Please stop by our showroom or call us to make an appointment at our warehouse to see what we have in stock. You can also call 207-383-7752 to place an order for local delivery.

    Make something unique

    Carpenters and woodworkers alike love working with our sustainably harvested wood. Our slabs come in unique shapes and sizes, offering more possibilities for custom work. You can visit us to pick up:

    • Crosscuts for making wooden signs
    • Large slabs for making custom tables
    • Rootballs for carving sculptures
    • Small boards for making shelves
    Reach out to us today to learn more about our sustainably harvested wood.